The High School Student Engagement Survey* reports that 65 percent of students admit being bored at least every day in class’ and one in six students say they are bored in EVERY class.

Designed to Engage and Motivate.

The modern student is often bored, checked out and unmotivated to achieve in school. Leaving school for a job or college asks these same students to apply their learning to abstract objectives; they are asked to achieve an outcome without being provided a path to get there–something they were never taught how to do in school.

We want to reach young people in a new way.

Our curriculum is designed to motivate students. A motivated student is one who is engaged in the learning process as well as the outcomes. That’s why our courses include, for example: Public Performance, Social Justice, and Welding–instead of Language Arts, Social Studies, and Chemistry. We still fulfill the state-required standards for those traditional subject areas; we just organize and deliver our curriculum differently.

Students at Polytech are inspired to learn the same lessons at our school as any other, the only difference is how.

Our students don’t have to wait out the school day in order to do what interests them–instead, we bring what interests them into the classroom and use it to help them learn. We see their interests as the pathways to learning. In other words, we see their interests as the means to accomplish their educational outcomes–be it test preparation, college preparation or life preparation.

Preparing Students for Academics and Life.

High school prepares students to achieve in life; shouldn’t it also prepare them to live it?

At Polytech, Academic skills–such as reading and math–are developed by using those skills to build, create, invent. Life skills–such as accountability, collaboration, and communication–are developed through a culture of cooperation and community.

This is the nature of mindful, hands-on learning: engaged students don’t just learn to get good grades, –they learn to be good people.

You can quote us: Hands-on learning is a pathway to lifelong learning.

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