High School – Reimagined

We believe that all children can learn and thrive when provided an educational pathway that inspires and motivates! Research shows that students learn best when they are surrounded by teachers and peers that care about them, which is why school must be personal. And to keep students engaged, the subject matter must be both challenging, and relevant to their lives.

We have organized our program into 6 Interconnected Learning Pathways, designed to engage students, teachers and families in the learning process, as well as in the end result. Most high schools still rely on outdated curriculum models with classes in disconnected silos, like Biology or Social Studies. At Polytech, we offer courses such as Urban Agriculture Lab and Diasporas and the Coming to America, which pull from many disciplines, and offer real-world, challenging, hands-on experiences that meet or exceed state academic standards.  

Our goal is to graduate thoughtful, engaged citizens prepared to achieve in life after high school, whatever direction they choose to go.

You can quote us: Hands-on learning is a pathway to lifelong learning


Creative Expression

Creative Expression might be spoken, mimed, drummed and horned, whispered or sung, live or taped, staged or impromptu, written or read, acapella or chorus.  Listen, get up, dance.  Move and move others.


Fab Lab

Unique spaces and places to develop capacity for creativity, artistic design, creative problem solving, and the interrelationship among talent, expertise, creative-thinking skills, and motivation. This is Maker Space. Chisels, CNC, welding. The Fab Labs host the skills acquired in the Digital Universe: Robotics engineering meets code. And here, the alchemy of Essential Ingredients becomes product.


Edible School Yard

Gardens and kitchens as interactive classrooms, from wellness and nutrition to botany and urban agriculture systems design including: aquaponics, vermicomposting, algae cultivation, and mushroom cultivation. This is where we design, dig, tend, cultivate, gather, cook, eat, and celebrate good food and cultures. The ESY embodies the 5 E’s of sustainability: Environment, Economy, Equity, Education, and Empowerment.

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Essential Ingredients

Essential Ingredients bridge the art and science of formulation chemistry by understanding the elements, their structure, their behavior, and how they relate and react to one another. Blending to produce salad dressing, lip balm, rocket fuel…


Digital Universe

Cloud-based savvy tools: Google docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, SketchUp 3D CAD. Access to the universe is open 24/7 and does not require a zip code. Here we Code, program robotics – EV3, NXT, myRio, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.


Better Planet

Better Planet hosts thinking about ecology, social justice, human geography, resource stewardship, public policy, building healthy communities…This is where biology and policy intersect; where honed negotiating skills and collaboration meet the simulated ‘World Peace Games’ and the Model UN.

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